Diaper Drives Off to Ambitious Start

The Rowley Family and friends have been diaper driving into the holiday spirit for years.

The Rowley Family and friends have been diaper driving into the holiday spirit for years.

The Rowley Family and friends are at it once again raising money and collecting diapers for the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona.  Their early October rummage sale netted $2,500 to buy diapers and incontinence supplies and the diaper collections will go through December 1st when they will be turned in at the MIXfm holiday play benefiting the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona.

Trent Rowley caught diaper drive fever about six years ago after attending his first MIXfm holiday play. When he saw that the event benefitted the Diaper Bank he said he was hooked. “I started stalking Bobby Rich (Morning MIXfm  and brains behind the holiday benefit),” he said laughing. He said he came up with an idea to do his own diaper drive by asking his 400 University Termite and Pest Control customers to donate. And donate they did, last year Trent and crew collected 20,206 diapers, 7,776 wipes and $1,341.

Trent’s passion is contagious Lisa and Craig High have become dedicated soldiers in the fight to eradicate diaper need. “We heard about what Trent was doing from my mom, who was one of his customers,” said Lisa. “We thought it was such a good cause that we decided to donate.”  When they moved back to Tucson from Florida they did more than donate. They now help  Trent and Carrie Rowley with the rummage sale, which started two years ago, to benefit the Diaper Bank.  “Lisa and Craig are our closers,” Trent said smiling.

As for rewards Trent said he gets his by being able to help so many in the community with the supplies he collects, however, there is one thing he said he has always wanted. “All I want is a Ben’s Bell,” he said laughing. Ben’s Bells are awarded to members of the community who spread kindness and have strong community spirit. “So if anyone wants to nominate me …” he said.

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December Diaper Drivers Wanted

December diaper drives are essential to keeping the Diaper Bank stocked with enough supplies to answer a growing community need. In 2012 there were 1.5 million requests for diapers and incontinence supplies but the  Diaper Bank was able to fill just 600,000. The organization is dedicated to eradicating diaper need in Southern Arizona. It is efforts such as the Rowley’s and MIXfm’s  that make the work we do possible, but we need as many drivers as possible to meet the demand. Holding a diaper drive is easy and from what we have been told redo on diaper drive boxFUN, please visit the diaper drive section on our website to find all the information.  There are a few drives already in process please click on the box  to get more information on the efforts underway.