Adult Incontinence

The Hidden Problem

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1 IN 3 individuals are impacted by incontinence daily, surpassing the combined prevalence of cancer, diabetes, and asthma.

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15-20% of adults over 65 experience incontinence. Unaddressed, this issue can lead to institutionalization, abuse, or neglect, even for otherwise healthy adults.

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This program specifically caters to the needs of the elderly, individuals with disabilities, those recovering from surgeries, and over half of women who have given birth.

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In 2023, we distributed 301,167 incontinence supplies to individuals in need in Central and Southern Arizona.

Our Solution

The Arizona Diaper Bank stands out as one of the rare diaper banks offering essential adult incontinence supplies to individuals in need. These supplies are distributed primarily through our network of 55 partner agencies across Central and Southern Arizona. Ensuring access to these vital products promotes independence, dignity, and overall health for adults managing incontinence.

For the many active adults that we serve, pull-up style briefs in all sizes are always in high demand!

For every $1 dollar donated, we can distribute $3 worth of
incontinence supplies to adults in Arizona!