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Our goal is to bridge the gap in available resources for Southern Arizona’s neediest and most vulnerable populations, which we do working through our partner agencies.


Partner Agencies


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Already A Partner?

This form is for our *****registered partner agencies only***** If you are an individual in need of diapers please click on “Need Assistance”.

Order Window for August 2023: Wednesday, July 26th, 5 pm








Pick – Up Time: 9:00AM – 12:00PM

Want To Become A Partner?

  • 501(C)(3) status as defined by the IRS;
  • In good standing with national affiliates or parent organization (if applicable)
  • 80% of clients anticipated to receive diapers fall below the federal poverty line
  • Case management system provides a minimum of 30 days to no less than 90% of clients; (The Diaper Bank defines case management as no less than a needs
    assessment, referral or intervention and a follow-up)
  • Serving clients in Southern Arizona
  • Must distribute DB products to a minimum of 20 unduplicated individuals monthly
  • Has three years of 990 filings posted publicly
  • FAQs

    Does the Diaper Bank accept partners at anytime?

    • The Diaper Bank accepts applications annually and offers partnerships for each fiscal year

    Are there any costs associated with being a Diaper Bank distribution partner?

    • Yes. The Diaper Bank charges a nominal administrative fee based on organizational capacity and # of people being served.

    What is the process for applying to become a partner?

    • First, fill out an Inquiry form, and our Program Manager will contact you about applying

    How often can a partner agency place an order?

    • Partner Agencies may order supplies once a month.

    At the moment the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona is not accepting new applications for Partner Agencies. The application process will open in the Spring of 2022

    All Our Partner Agencies

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