Giving Opportunites

Are You Living In Arizona?

You may be eligible for the Arizona Tax Credit. The Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona is a Qualified Charitable Organization.

Donate up to $400 for Individuals & $800 for joint filing

Special Giving

Diaper Champions

  • Monthly Giving
  • On-Going Support
  • Helping Tucson Families Monthly
  • Become a Diaper Champion

Honorary Gifts

Recognize a special
loved one in honor of a
life event or memory.

Circle of Giving Society

  • Annual Gift
  • Community Recognition
  • Helping Tucson Families
  • Every Year
  • Join the Society

Fantastic Five

Five generous individuals, corporations or foundations provide $5,000 each year that enable us to purchase up to an additional 250,000 diapers.

 Amazon Wishlist

Deliver most needed items
and sizes straight to our warehouse. You can send
once or set an auto
shipment for
recurring donations

Corporate Matching

Find Your Companies Name

The Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona partners with over 50 corporations for our matching gift program. Check to make sure your company qualifies.

Obtain Company Matching Gift Form

Get in touch with your company’s personnel department to obtain a matching gift form for the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona.

Mail or Drop Off

Mail or drop of the completed form to the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona

1050 South Plumer Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719

Planned Giving


Ensure the Diaper Bank's Future

You can ensure that the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona provides diapers and incontinence supplies for generations to come.

For information about the Heritage Diaper Family, the Silken Diaper Society or about the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona and planned giving, please contact [email protected].


Plan for Tomorrow

With your legal and tax advisers, the Diaper Bank will work with you to plan for tomorrow while receiving maximum benefits today. Planned gifts can offer very attractive ways to reduce your taxes or receive income during your lifetime.


Gifts given through your will or trust naming the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona as one beneficiary of your estate are typically given as a percentage, fixed amount or residual of the estate.

Life Insurance Donation

This is a great way to give a really big gift to a charity without spending a lot of money.

Pension, 401K & IRA's

To name the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona as your beneficiary, simply request a change of beneficiary form from your life insurance company. Choose the percentage and name the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona 1050 South Plumer Ave., Tucson, AZ 85719. Please return the form directly to your company, and send us a copy for our records.