Renewable Diaper Resources

The Diaper Bank Gives Families Options.

Thanks to generous support from Tucson Electric Power, Jake’s Diapers, and many individual donors, we are proud to provide free washable diaper kits to families, as well as disposable diaper distributions. Parenting is filled with countless decisions about what is best for a child, and the Diaper Bank now offers families diapering choices.

  • Receiving a cloth kit allows parents to budget their disposable diapers for when they need them most, such as for childcare services.
  • Providing kits alleviates the ongoing financial burden of diaper costs, saving a family thousands of dollars, and empowering them to pursue a higher quality of life.
  • Each cloth kit comes with the following supplies:  a large wet bag; 24 pre-fold cotton diapers; two fasteners; four adjustable waterproof cover pants; and five reusable washcloths.
  • Informational resources are available at free workshops facilitated at the Diaper Bank.
  • Whether parents use cloth diapers as a back-up to their disposables or commit 100% to cloth, this kit provides them with enough diapers to keep their baby clean and dry, as well as the security of knowing that they are never without diapers.
  • Cloth diapers last a long time and get more absorbent the more they are washed. When the first child outgrows them, they can be easily used for the second child, and even the third!

Thank You for Supporting Our Renewable Diaper Resource Program!