The Need

The Community’s Need for Diapers

  • Diapers and/or incontinence supplies cost on average $100 per month (babies need 8-12 diapers/day & adults need between 4 and 10).
  • Public assistance programs, such as Food Stamps (SNAP) and WIC, do not cover the cost of diapers.
  • Disposable diapers are required by preschools and other child care facilities.
  • Cloth diapers require access to sufficient laundry facilities, which many families do not have.

  • 25 million American adults suffer from incontinence.
  • Last fiscal year, we provided over 1.4 million diapers/adult incontinence products to our partner agencies; but we still fell short of the need by over five-hundred thousand.

For every $1 dollar donated,  we can distribute $3 worth of diapers!  Make a donation.

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Access to a sufficient supply of diapers is essential for the health of Southern Arizona’s infants, disabled and elderly, and the quality of life of our community, but too many individuals don’t have the resources to adequately provide for this basic need.

As long as poverty exists, children and adults in our community will need diapers.  The need is already great… and it’s growing: just this past year, those living below the poverty line in Pima County grew by 27 percent meaning that 1 in 4 children is born into poverty annually.

In 2013, Tucson was ranked the 8th poorest major metropolitan area in the country by the U.S. Census Bureau; fully 37 percent of our city’s children live below the federal poverty line–a heartbreaking statistic.

Resources for free or discounted diapers are few.  Food Stamps and WIC cannot be used to purchase diapers.   The Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona’s goal is to bridge this gap in available resources for our community’s neediest and most vulnerable populations, which we do working through our partner agencies.