Diaper Drive Ideas

Print 101 Diaper Drive Ideas in PDF

Host a Diaper Drive

1. Get your place of work involved.

2. Get your faith based organization involved.

3. Get your school involved.

4. Get your club involved.

5. Get your neighborhood involved.

6. Get your civic group involved.

7. Get a nonprofit involved.

8. Get your friends and family involved (throw a party).

9. In lieu of gifts or favors for weddings, birthdays, and baby showers ask for diapers.

Gain Support for Your Drive and Involve Lots of People

10. Teams and committees have more fun, and it will be helpful if you have someone to toss ideas around with. Ask for help.

11. Create a team based on those who show up to work early on a pre-determined day.

12. Offer your team members incentives for helping with the drive.

13. Bring your team to the Diaper Bank to learn more about the drive.

14. Invite the Diaper Bank to talk to your agency about how your drive will impact the community.

15. Provide diaper discount coupons to everyone (available online regularly).

16. Let your employees know by including a “diaper drive” flyer with their paycheck.

17. Send out local sale notices for diapers.

Set Goals for your Drive

18. Create a chart, or “thermometer” to track your progress.

19. Adopt a specific agency who is receiving diapers and set a goal to provide all their diapers for the year.

20. Set a per employee/person goal of 100 diapers (a one week supply for infants).

21. Set a goal to stuff the office or a company vehicle.

22. Stuff the boss’s office so they can’t even get through the door.

23. Build a structure using your collected packages: a house, a car, a baby buggy, a wall, or the “leaning tower of Pi-pee.”

24.  Create multi-day donation surprise goals such as awarding individuals that give 1 package of diapers every day.

25. Set a poundage goal.

26. Run a year long drive where everyone is asked to bring diapers to a monthly meeting, and discuss what people paid.

27. Host a kick-off event to advertise your drive and your goals.

28. Have a raffle to set your goal using the digits on the ticket selected as the number for the drive.

29. Roll a dice to select the diaper goal.

Share Information about the Diaper Bank and the Diaper Need

30. Download information from the Online Diaper Drive Kit and post them around your office.

31. Create a Diaper Quiz (or use the one in the Online Diaper Drive Kit) that can be shared with drive participants.

32. Email daily facts about the Diaper Bank.

33. Post Diaper Bank facts around your office including the break room, bathrooms, and inside company vehicles.

34. Read Diaper Bank testimonials at your meetings or post them around your office.

Provide Internal Incentives

35. Department, group and team competitions. Maybe a pizza party for the winner.

36. Give the winners an extra dress down day.

37. Let the loosing team coordinate next year’s drive.

38. The team that brings in the most size ___ diapers wins a secret prize.

39. Give out trophies.

40. Buy prizes for winners.

41. Offer float days or early out days to winning team members.

42. Offer a “boss” for the day for the individual that brings the most diapers.

43. Offer free incentives like free entrance, or free memberships.

44. Provide discounts for diapers. Last year, a pizza company gave a $1 discount to anyone who brought in a package of diapers.

Set a Theme and Create a Diaper Drop Off Area

45. Use a creative theme like “Diaper Safari- hunting for diapers” and use jungle decorations.

46. Use a creative theme like “Diaper’s Rock and Roll” and use 50s sock hop decorations.

47. Use a creative theme like “Disco for Diapers” and use 70s disco decorations.

48. Use a creative theme like “Diaper Roundup” and use western decorations.

49. Use a creative theme like “Big Hair for Diapers” and use 80s disco decorations.

50. Use a creative theme like “Diaper Luau” and use luau decorations.

51. Use a creative theme like “Winter Diaperland” and use holiday decorations.

52. Use a creative theme like “New Year’s Baby” and use New Year decorations.

53. Use collected diapers for events (in the package) like a diaper maze.

54. Use a playpen to collect diapers.

55. Use a classic theme to include baby shower decorations.

56. Wrap collection boxes in themed wrapping paper.

57. Use “directional” decorations that lead people to your collection area. Think inside and outside of the office.

58.  Decorate a company vehicle as the collection area with a “stuff the truck” theme.

Involve Your Competition or Partners

59. Challenge your business competition to a diaper drive competition.

60. Challenge neighboring businesses/nonprofits or other groups to a competition.

61. Build collective goals for a larger drive.

62. Host challenge events to update your clients and the public on your drive competition.

Advertise Your Drive

63. Advertise in your newsletter.

64. Send flyers home as paycheck stuffers.

65. Place flyers around your building.

66. Add a reminder about your drive to your email signature.

67. Put it on your letterhead for one month every year (make an annual commitment).

68. Put a “yard sign” out in front of your business or home.

69. Create a social media site for your drive like Facebook or Blogspot and link to your website.

Share your Progress

70. Take pictures of your collection area and post them around the office daily.

71. Have team members do a daily count and announce over your intercom system or e-mail your progress.

72. Use a “thermometer” poster to track your progress and post in a prominent area.

73.  Add a “diaper drive” section to your website where you track your progress.

74. Use a “town crier” (dress up) to walk through the office and announce your progress.

75. Web cam your collection site to show off your progress.

76. Update your social media sites with your progress.

Encourage and Gather Financial Contributions During Your Drive

77. Have your agency make a donation for each new account opened during the drive, or for each unit of sales, etc.

78.  Gain a matching contribution if your company has this program. We can easily estimate the dollar value of the diapers your company collects. If your company wishes to do a corporate match, we are happy to buy the diapers for you – at wholesale!

79.  Place a cash/change contribution jar in the break room. Those pennies and dimes add up fast.

80.  Ask the Diaper Bank for official Diaper Bank Calendar’s to sell at your agency, or during your drive.

81.  At every meeting you host during the month of your drive ask attendees to empty their spare change.

82.  Anyone who shows up late to work during the month of your drive makes a financial contribution of $1 per minute late.

83.  Pass out donation envelopes (available at Diaper Bank) to all involved.

Coordinate Your Drive with Other Diaper Bank Events

84. As a way to celebrate your drive send your top contributors to the Dancing With Our Stars Event.

85. Register your team to participate in Stroll and Roll and have everyone bring a package of diapers.

86. Celebrate the holidays by inviting clients and friends to the Mix FM’s Annual Diaper Drive Event including a Live Radio Play.

Special Ideas for Special Agencies

87. Elder Care facilities and lawyers- provide a flyer of information about the Diaper Bank and drop off locations to families having recently lost a loved one, so that they may donate incontinence supplies.

88. Grocery Stores- Ask customers to donate $1 and have their name printed on a package of diapers card.

89. Bookstores- Create bookmarks given out with purchases to advertise your drive to distribute to your constituents.

90. Yoga Studios- Host a drive during the 101 Sun Salutations during Summer Solstice.

91. Bloggers- Host an online diaper drive using the Amazon wishlist.

After the Drive (Encourage “Next Time” Syndrome)

92.  Send thank you notes to all of those that participated.

93.  Award special contributors.

94.  Thank your team for helping conduct the drive.

95.  Schedule your next drive with the Diaper Bank.

96.  Count the diapers and advertise your results to everyone!

97.  Arrange to drop off your diapers at the Diaper Bank.

Create a lasting relationship with the Diaper Bank to ensure future drives excel

98. Fill out and submit the Diaper Drive Evaluation Form (available online).

99. Provide a list of drive winners and their contact information to the Diaper Bank. Individuals will be added to email newsletters.

100. Adopt the Diaper Bank as your “Charity of Choice.” It will make your next drive more successful if everyone is “all in.”

101. Loan the Diaper Bank your skills. Volunteers are welcome.

Special Considerations for Your Drive

  • The biggest need is for diapers sized 4-6
  • July-September: fewest drives/greatest need. Donations are low in the summer so diapers are purchased to meet the need.

Feel free to use this information!