Our Impact

Our 2023 Snapshot:

The Arizona Diaper Bank proudly holds the distinction of being the nation’s inaugural diaper bank, making a profound impact over the past 30 years. Having distributed over 20 million diapers and incontinence briefs, we have served a diverse community of over 600,000 individuals, including infants, toddlers, disabled adults, and seniors. Our innovative approach involves decentralized distribution through partner agencies, ensuring those in need can access diapers and vital services simultaneously. This strategy not only reduces travel time but also fosters the development of stronger local communities.

How We Serve

We provide diapers, incontinence supplies, and period products during times of need, fostering health, wellness, dignity, and independence through collaborative community partnerships.


Our community plays a vital role in enabling us to provide essential supplies to those in need. Through product drives, virtual campaigns, volunteer efforts, and fundraising events, our community actively supports and contributes to our mission of serving and raising product donations.


We store our diapers at our warehouses in Tucson and Phoenix, with a combined capacity to hold over 3,000,000 program products ready for distribution to the community. Our products are meticulously bundled, labeled, and prepared for efficient distribution to our partner agencies.


We distribute diapers, incontinence supplies, and period products to individuals and communities in need through our extensive network of partner agencies. With over 55 community partners, we ensure that essential supplies reach and support individuals and families in need.