Potty Training Tips

One of our goals at the Diaper Bank is to provide everyone who needs diapers with diapers. But we’re also happy to help parents working toward getting their child out of diapers (less diaper need for you means more diapers can go elsewhere!)
There are a variety of web sites (listed below) which offer direction on potty training.  While the Diaper Bank does not endorse any particular product or service, the links below offer some good basic advice on potty training.  Please contact us if information listed here is in error or no longer available (or if you find a great web site you think should be linked here!)

Potty Training Links:

Huggies Web Site
Pampers Web Site

“Max and the Diaper Fairy” potty training book benefits Diaper Banks!

Potty Training Tips from One of Our Donors…

Hi I work with 3 and 4 year olds. Here are some potty training tips…

  • Pick a time every morning (we use 10 a.m.).
  • Announce It is (child’s name) turn to go to the bathroom, and he/she gets a treat–(chocolate kiss, or 1 piece of small candy, or 2 cereal pieces)
  • Sit them down and wait with them 2 to 3 minutes and build up on the treat they will be getting!!!!
  • Even if they do not urinate, take them off the potty chair or toilet, diaper and wash hands.
  • Repeat 30 min. to 1 hour later, always smiling, and speaking happily to them.
  • When they do urinate, clap your hands, and say wooohooo (child’s name) went in the toilet all by him/herself….and give the treat after diapering and washing hands.
  • Next if they go #2 they go to the treasure chest ( a box with small toys) and of course they get a lot of hoorahs.

It took about an average of 3 wks. to 1 year to train 2 of our little ones….they were special needs…but they trained!  Thank you and good luck. Norma