Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you distribute diapers to individuals?
For two reasons:

  1. Using the existing social service delivery systems of our partner agencies (rather than reinventing our own) keeps our overhead costs low and community involvement high.
  2. A lack of diapers is a symptom of a larger issue of poverty or crisis. Our partner agencies offer total solutions that help families for the long term.

Why can’t families just use cloth diapers?
Cloth is sometimes not an option. Most childcare centers require parents to leave disposable diapers with their child, and adult supplies aren’t readily available in cloth or affordable for those on a fixed income. In addition, many of the families we assist have unstable housing with limited access to washing machines or funds for a public laundromat. Many public laundromats also do not permit the washing of soiled diapers in their facilities. The Diaper Bank is 100% in support of the use of cloth diapers where feasible. Our goal is to ensure everyone who needs a diaper or brief has one.

Don’t federally or state funded programs cover diapers for families and seniors?
Unfortunately, safety net programs do not cover diapers – not Food Stamps, not Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), and not Medicare (except hospice). At $100 a month or more, diapers become a luxury item for families and seniors.

I just potty trained my child and have half a bag of diapers left. Can I donate them?
Yes! We use them to provide one-day emergency packs.